Back and busy

Visitors at the Bee-eater watch-point this afternoon

After 500 miles on the bike completing the final stage of our NCN 1 journey, I arrived back home from Orkney, late yesterday afternoon, after 20 hours of travelling. A quick Bird Club C’tee meeting before falling into bed. This afternoon was my first opportunity to do a shift at the Bee-eater watch-point. What an amazing collaboration between Dan – the landowner, the RSPB, NENBC and other local birders. To stand in a wildflower meadow, overlooking the nest-site, with the sound and spectacle of Bee-eaters constantly hawking insects from the wires was a pure joy. Meeting and chatting to visiting birders from Devon, Yorkshire, Northumberland, Suffolk and Lincolnshire, also locals from Sheringham, Southrepps and Hindolveston – a great way to spend a couple of hours! There are still spaces on the volunteer rota if anyone is interested – just email Carol on Tomorrow it’s a Felbeck Trust work-party, preparing for our Sustead Bioblitz – main public event is on Saturday 10.00 – 16.00. Welcome home!


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