BirdFair is back

A thirsty Muntjac stops by for a drink at the start of the hottest ever day in Britain

It’s been an exhausting week – in more ways than one. Thursday night was the second of our NENBC Birding for Beginners workshops – the last is tomorrow evening – followed by the new-look Global BirdFair at Oakham, at the weekend. Matt and Joe were there to launch their free to use Bird.Club – a generic website for birding groups, clubs and societies to share news, post records and photos and be connected with birding friends. The website is the natural development from the much acclaimed NENBC website and provides a wider, global, demographic with a free, easy-to-use, platform to share their birding experiences. There was widespread interest, from an international audience, and several new sites have already been spun-up as a result. Monday – at the start of the current heat-wave – we were at Cley. In rising temperatures the high-lights – all seen from the shade of the hides – were several Bittern ‘fly-bys’, young Water Rail, Redshank and LRP, several Mediterranean Gulls and my first Green Sandpiper of the ‘autumn’. Yesterday, a Muntjac came wandering up Cliff Avenue and stopped off to drink from my bird bath in the front garden – I couldn’t blame it in this heat. In between times I’ve managed to squeeze in a mid-night mothing session at East Beckham Common, Bee-eater Watch-point duties, a catch-up Cromer Peregrine Project meeting and a Cromer Green Spaces Steering Group. This morning is the NENBC mid-week walk in Felbrigg and tonight Felbeck Trust are meeting with Parish Councillors to walk through FT taking on more Surveyors Allotments and provide general advice on wildflower meadow management. With sea-watching beginning to get interesting again it’s going to get busy!

Joe & Matt talking to Global BirdFair visitors about Bird.Club

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